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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Add-A-Link?

An Add-A-Link bracelet is an easy and customizable way to grow a diamond tennis bracelet piece by piece. Start out with one link and add more at your own pace. Soon, you'll have a diamond bracelet that's unique to you! 

How do I start an Add-A-Link?

Please contact us to start a brand new Add-A-Link bracelet. If you have your links picked out ahead of time, that would make it even easier! We hand assemble each starter bracelet in-store, so we can get it tailored to your exact size and specifications. 

What quality are the diamonds in each link?

Every diamond Add-A-Link is G-H/VS quality. 

How many links should I start with?

It's up to you how many links you start with! Add-A-Link bracelets evolve and change over time, so take your time and add at your own pace!

Can I change the way the links are arranged?

Yes! The links aren't permanently riveted together until you decide your bracelet is finished. That means we can swap out color arrangements and patterns as often as you'd like! 

Why is the starter bracelet gold-filled and not solid gold?

Starter bracelets are gold-filled because when we add more links, the chain is cut to maintain the size. If we add a link that is 1 inch long, your bracelet will be one inch longer unless we trim away an inch of chain. 

If you want to finish your bracelet with chain on either side, then we swap it out for a solid gold bracelet instead of gold-filled.

How do I finish my bracelet?

You can finish your bracelet with any amount of links. When you decide it's finished, we send your bracelet to Kaspar & Esh to receive the permanent gold rivets and matching clasp. If you're nearing completion of your bracelet, please contact us to determine how to proceed! 

I don't see my link on your website! 

If you don't see the link you're looking for, please contact us! We can get it for you, even if we don't list it here. 

I don't remember which link to get! 

We keep every Add-A-Link bracelet on file -- so no worries if you can't remember which color or style you bought last time! Please contact us and we'll pull your card! 

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